Play All The Songs!


PLAY So Blue Bob & The Debonairs
PLAY Little Bitty Girl Bobby Rydell
PLAY People Will Talk Calendar Girls
PLAY Laura Camerons
PLAY I Want Someone Dick & Deedee
PLAY Little Girl Does Your Mama Know Golliwogs
PLAY Lessons In Love Jeri Lynne Fraser
PLAY Oh Judy Jimmy Isle
PLAY Why Lover Johnny Gamboa
PLAY Oh Joan Ray Davis & Coachmen Five
PLAY Wish It Could Be Me Johnny Saber
PLAY History Of Love Leon Payne
PLAY Little Girl's Dream Lynn Dee & The Statics
PLAY We Fell In Love Mickey & Bonnie
PLAY Reflection Of You Barbara Jean & The Teens
PLAY Baby I'm Ready Bob Callender
PLAY Young & Innocent Del Reys
PLAY Dream Girl Don Skyeagle
PLAY Bobby Baby Ginny Zee
PLAY He's A Lover Mike Taylor
PLAY Jade Nicki Vann
PLAY Summer Time Love Rory Randall
PLAY Guarantee Of Love Shelly Dane
PLAY I Love You, You Love Me Jimmy Sommers & The Slicks
PLAY Picture Of Love Laurels
PLAY I'm free To Choose Jimmy Kemper & Four Tiers
PLAY She's Gone Away Gene & The Echotones
PLAY I Make Believe It's You Artie Forray
PLAY Go On Blane & The Julians
PLAY Love Only One Teenos


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